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PPC (Pay-per-click) Marketing

Talking about Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing we consider it as an integrated part in our holistic machine.

Of course, if you need quick results and do not aim long-term visibility a PPC campaign is ideal for you.

Note that there are some benefits and drawbacks of the Pay-per-click campaigns and we will tell them honestly:

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  • You get exactly as many visitors as much you paid for. Pay more – get more.
  • The results come faster – even the best campaign in inbound marketing (i.e. marketing for natural search) will give its results in months – usually the first results come in sixth month.
  • You can retarget your audience (send the ad message only to the visitors, who have clicked on your ad once already).


  • People are less interested in advertised search results. Only 30% of clicks on the links in search results are on paid links (i.e. PPC links). The natural search results get about 70% of the clicks.
  • As soon as you stop your campaign the visits to your site will stop. The results in the inbound marketing (natural search results) last for months and even years after you stop your inbound campaign.
  • It is less likely for a visitor from a paid link to undertake the necessary action after she comes to your landing page - i.e. register, click on a button etc. – whatever the purpose of your landing page is.

PPC Drawbacks

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There are more Ad Networks in addition to Google AdWords, e.g.:

  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • AdRoll
  • And many more. Almost all social networks and search engines have developed their ad platforms already.

How we use PPC and Email marketing campaigns

Usually we use PPC and email marketing campaigns in accordance with our holistic approach.

This means we put to work the entire system – paid advertising campaign and inbound marketing campaign (for natural search results) in the same time.

PPC supports our campaign and rolls the snowball until the inbound campaign starts to give its results.

Then we stop the PPC campaign to avoid the waste of client’s money as the natural search results start they work.

Of course, if only a separate PPC campaign is needed we will prepare and implement it.


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What is our Pay-per-click marketing service:

  • Define together with you your goals and the purpose of the ad – just increasing visibility, register on the site, discounted sell, etc. – any call-to-action you need.
  • Research your target audience and define so called buyer personas (your target audience)
  • Prepare the ad message. Usually we prepare at least two messages and do so called A/B (or split) test to determine which one is better for the target audience.

We design your landing page if there is a need for specific page where the ad leads in. It might be a page offering super-sale, or some unique service, or whatever you need.

The design of a landing page is quite different from the design of a normal page in your site – it looks different, e.g. more catching, appealing, calling to action.

We make again the same what we do with the ad message - at least two variants of the landing page are designed and A/B test is conducted to determine which one is the best.

Landing page design

Cloud Network

  • We prepare a strategy according your budget - choose the appropriate set of advertising platforms, distribute the budget across them according their parameters (visits, demographic structure of the audience and so on). The aim is to match our already defined buying personas.
  • We non-stop monitor and analyze the results and implement the necessary corrections ad hoc. Real-time analytics and cost optimization are a must in a PPC campaign!
  • We implement retargeting campaign if agreed and necessary