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Web Design

Web design brings the impression of your most valuable online asset – your website

We combine the stunning web design with our web marketing knowledge and latest trends

Did you know?

First 10 seconds of the page visit are critical whether your site will catch the users’ attention or they’ll hit “Back” button. The probability of leaving during these first few seconds depends on your website’s design.

Peep Laja from ConversionXL has wonderful blog post about the times for first impression of a website -


There are several types of websites we build:

  • Corporate / Business website
  • Personal website
  • Personal or corporate blog
  • E-commerce website
  • Online catalog
  • Information (magazine type) site

All our sites are mobile friendly and responsive, i.e. they work on different devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

How we proceed:

Initial Setup

You need to have a clear vision about the purpose of your website.

That’s why we will discuss with you and define the site purpose from designers and web marketing point of view.

We need to clarify:

  • your target audience
  • the functions
  • modules need
  • site structure
  • number and type of pages needed
  • internal linking between the pages of the site
  • basic color scheme and company logo
  • who will deliver the content (text, images, videos and so on) for the site – you or we will need to create it


Business meeting


  • we will prepare a map of the site structure
  • we will prepare navigation structure
  • we will draw a wire-frame, or site schematic, to show the basic skeleton of how information with be positioned on the pages
  • we will chose and discuss with you the color scheme and fonts we will use in the website


Artist painter

Actual design work

  • We will proofread and edit the text content if provided by you or third party or will create it if it will be our job
  • We will prepare, edit and optimize (resize, compress, add tags and all the work needed for SEO) the graphic content (images, charts, infographics and so on)
  • We will build the most important pages - Home page, About us page, Contact page and custom 404 (‘Page not found’) pages
  • We will build the rest of inner pages agreed with you
  • According to the project and what did we agreed we will build databases and add modules (e.g. catalog, e-shop, Customer relationship system, Accounting system, Billing system, maps ets.)
  • We will build the internal and external linking system of the site
  • We will implement all other tasks agreed in setup and planning steps
  • We will build your website ensuring that every design element works towards your business marketing goals


  • We will proofread the texts
  • We will check the linking structure – if all links on the site work and lead to pages where they have to lead
  • We will test the site with different browsers to ensure the site works properly in all of them
  • We will test on different screen size, screen resolution and devices – desktop, laptop. Tablet and mobile phone
  • We will implement usability test


Rocket Launch


  • Once you approve the site we will upload it to your host
  • We will test the site functionality from your hosting server
  • Once we are sure the site works properly we finish our work

Additional Services:

We can provide maintenance service after we finish the work on the website and deliver it. We offer the following services:

  • daily or weekly archive
  • technical support
  • damages repair if there are any issues
  • SEO

on a subscription basis.

Online Reputation Management




Your website should be living, breathing and ever changing being.

Many people think once the website is created, it is “over there” and it should quietly simply work.

But it is not a printed brochure – once printed and distributed you just sit and wait.

The web design trends change every two-three years. A site built in 2012 – 2013 looks outdated already.

The website needs to be inspiring and giving new content constantly so you can attract back your visitors. Google also love ever changing pages with new content.

Remember that a website is never finished; it should be constantly renewed and improved to be its very best.