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Маркетинг в социалните медии

Social media marketing is a must in your online marketing mix.

The social networks are indisputable good way to build your brand, to increase your popularity and to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Social media networks

Just remember what we told you on our summary page – there is not only Facebook. There are over 200 active social media networks accordind to Brian Solis' Conversation Prism.

As all of them have different audience and different approach to the user they need to be well known in order to be used appropriately for marketing purposes.

Just compare Facebook and LinkedIn – Facebook is more for friends and sharing although LinkedIn is much more professional oriented.


There are different ways of posting and popularizing your content in different networks.

For example some accept short posts (as Twitter), in other is better to have longer posts(as Google+ and LinkedIn), or you can share valuable findings in Pinterest etc.

Also the voice of speech is different across different networks.

You need the appropriate mix of social networks and strategy for every one of them.

Main social networks connected

Main social networks - Brands

What can we do for you:

  • We will investigate your environment, your current and potential visitors and competition
  • We will audit your social media mix and activities till now
  • According to your mission and marketing goals we will choose the appropriate social networks
  • We will define so called “buyer personas” (fictional summarized personality of your target visitor – demographics, likes and dislikes, habits etc.)
  • We will develop your social media marketing strategy
  • We will create profiles for you in the chosen networks and design the profile pages
  • We will prepare a plan for activities for each of the social media networks

Social media networks on the computer keyboard

Person connecting and sharing using social media networks

  • We will continuously (according to the plans developed) create and publish content, monitor and maintain the conversations and expand your presence
  • We will develop online games, quizzes and other engaging activities and maintain the process
  • We will develop and maintain an advertising campaign across your social media
  • We will continuously monitor and report the progress of the social media campaigns