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Защита от негативно СЕО

Watch your back, know your enemies and do not create new

It is very possible that you will be exposed on negative SEO attack. As the reputation attack aims the people interested in you and your site the negative SEO acts on search engines level – it damages your search engine ratings and may lead to penalty from the search engines.

Some of negative SEO techniques are:

Creating bad backlinks pointing to your site

As you might know, Google and other search engines use in their algorithm the quality and authority of the sites linking to yours as a major ranking factor.

Just imagine that adult, gambling or fake medicine sites point to your site using keywords as “money”, “Viagra” etc.

Your search engine rating positions (SERP) will drop down dramatically or even you might be penalized and deindexed by Google. (I.e. kicked out of the game).

And the attackers can create hundreds and thousands of such links…

Unbalanced link ratio

Google and other search engines love quality links. But they also count and take in consideration where they come from.

It is very fine to have links from .edu domain for example (these are counted as very high quality links indeed). But if you have 80% of your links from a single domain say this is already very suspicious for Google and may lead to penalty.

You might be attacked by bunch of links from one domain so they damage your link ratio.

Content theft

Somebody may copy and “scrape” your content (i.e. change some words with synonyms) and present it as his own.

Then they distribute this content all over the Internet as their own.

In most cases they succeed to rank this content higher from yours because they have existing distribution system and are very quick.

So they make your content authoritative for them and you may get penalized for violating the copyright rules.

Removing good links to your site

They can make analysis of your backlinks profile and discover your strongest ones.

Then they contact the webmasters of the sites where they point to you from under a false name or pretending they are your SEO agency.

They ask him to remove these backlinks.

So you will lose your best links. Remember that earning a good link pointing to your site requires very hard work.

Attack of your site from inside

You cannot imagine how incredibly silly and weak passwords the people use.

Here is a good blog post about this -

You even cannot imagine the damages an unauthorized user with admin privileges can cause to your reputation, business and to other people from inside your website!

Only a hint – imagine brutal adult content appearing on your home page…

And this is the least they can cause to you.

What do we offer?
We understand and are familiar with these threats. You have two ways to act:

Less painful for you:

We can prepare defense strategy before even somebody tries to implement negative SEO strategy against you.

We will maintain your “online properties” (e.g. backlinks) and monitor for such threads.

Once the signals for negative SEO are located we will react according our strategy.

This service is based on monthly subscription basis.

Quite painful for you:

The second way is after you are hit by negative SEO.

Then a crisis reaction and strategy is needed.

Please note that most site owners do not locate the signals early enough and the damages are considerably bad.

We will analyze the situation and prepare and implement a defense strategy.