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E-mail маркетинг

When done right Email marketing is NOT spam.

Surprisingly, despite of the boom of social media the good old email marketing keeps its leading position in the Internet marketing bundle.

Sending E-mail


A good email marketing campaign will help you reach large audience with personal attitude and develop the relationship with your audience or customers in a very cost-effective manner.

Just a kind reminder: The anti-spam laws are very strict everywhere in the world.

The email addresses lists MUST be absolutely clean in order to avoid spam prosecution. Every subscriber in such a list must have agreed to receive promotional messages.

Some of the benefits of Email marketing are:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Relatively high Click-through-rate
  • High conversion rate
  • High ROI (Return of investment)
  • Very narrowly targeted according to the goals of the campaign
  • Allows to reach targeted audience and to send targeted message
  • Quite fast
  • Helps in brand image building when done right

Email Pickup

Person on Laptop Sending Virtual Envelopes

We can plan, create and implement an email marketing campaign for you:

  • We will set campaign objectives and define KPIs with you.
  • We will analyze and segment your target audience.
  • We will ensure that the recipients list is legal according the law and the subscribers agree to receive informational emails.
  • We will design your message and the landing page, where the email message will lead.
  • We implement a split test (A/B test) with at least two variants of the message and the landing page in order to have the most impressive and effective message and landing page
  • With the help of marketing automation software we send strictly personalized and targeted messages
  • We implement re-marketing campaign according to the recipient’s action
  • We continuously monitor the performance of the campaign, make the necessary corrections and / or fine tuning

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