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Оптимизация на конверсиите

The concept of Conversion rate optimization (or CRO) is as old as the trade is.

And today it is as actual as it has been in the ancient times.


Conversion optimization

Neil Patel explains the conversion optimization brilliantly clear in his blog:

Imagine you sell diamonds at an Ancient Rome market. 100 people passed by yesterday and 15 of them bought diamonds. Perhaps you were sleepy, tired, didn’t want to communicate to people passing by, whatever. You have conversion rate of 15%.

Today you are in a mood, woke up early, joke, talk to people and convince them how beautiful your diamonds are and what a great investment they are. The same number of people passed by but you sold already 30 diamonds. You converted 30 out of 100 visitors into buyers or you have conversion rate of 30% today.

Your today’s mood and behavior put your conversions up or said in other words – you implemented a conversion optimization strategy and done the conversion rate optimization.


In web marketing a conversion is the action you want your visitor take on your website – register, send a message, buy, download, refer a friend, etc.

The act of conversion turns your visitor into a lead and paying customer.

The good news is that you do not need more visitors to have higher conversion rate. So you do not need to spend more to attract new visitors.

You need only to use Conversion Rate Optimization to convert more of your existing visitors into leads.

Conversion rate optimization


What do we do implementing a conversion optimization strategy:

1. Conversion Rate Audit

  • We will examine thoroughly your current bounce and conversion rates
  • We will identify the factors causing their levels and where your conversion leak
  • We will review and audit your current website and landing page(s)
  • We will implement competitive analysis

2. CRO tactical plan development

Here we will build a staged plan how to stop the leaks identified during the audit and let more visitors convert.

3. It is possible we will need to suggest minor or major changes in your website design or to develop so called targeted landing pages. (Landing pages are specific pages where your ad leads your visitor – e.g. you have make a discounted sell and this page describes your promotion.)

We will suggest and design at least two variants of website or page improvements according to the needs of the action plan.

4. We will conduct A/B or multivariate test (a test determining which variant stands better for your visitors).

5. We will continuously monitor your results and implement fine tweaks if and where needed.