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Проучвания и анализи

As said: Information is today’s currency

We say: Right interpreted information is today’s currency

Our goal is to find and collect the necessary information for you, summarize and classify it, analyze it and give you data driven actionable insights.

Our analytics and insights services are right about to help you stay informed and to take the right decisions.

As said: Praemonitus praemunitus (forewarned is forearmed).

Data Analysis and Insights

It often happens to be buried under tons of data and get confused and don’t knowing what to do with it. It is easy to lose the essence in such an ocean.

Here is what we do – we sort, classify and analyse this data and discover the gem of information in it. We can find out the essence and give you actionable insights and recommendations.

We analyse the current situation, give you trend analysis and forecasts, analyse your customers or visitors base and profile them, etc.

Detailed information about Data analysis and Insights service can be found here .




Internet Research


Internet research

In fact Google and other search engines index only about 20% of the World Wide Web. There are plenty of useful information beyond these 20%.

We have methodologies and techniques for searching there. We will find relevant and trustworthy authoritative information, compile it and provide you with an insightful report.

Detailed information about Internet research service can be found here.

Competitive Intelligence

Staying a step ahead of your competitors is vital for you. You need to know about them, about your competitive environment, their customers or visitors, their marketing strategies, about indirect competition…

That’s the information we will provide. Our competitive intelligence methodology will help you knowing about all of this.

Detailed information about Competitive intelligence service can be found here.

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We know how confusing could be reading a specialized terminology.

That's why we compiled a glossary with most used terms and abbreviations in the Internet marketing, Web design and in Research and analytics.

The glossary can be found here.