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Маркетинг чрез съдържание

Content marketing - creating and distributing unique, appealing and useful content - is one of the most important elements in Web marketing.

Content becomes more and more important. All Google algorithm updates and AI aim to the goal to find most relevant content for the user's search.

content marketing

So what does “content” mean?

Content is everything. Your website is all content – text, images, charts, whatever you have there to meet your visitors’ needs.

Content are articles, blogs, infographics, emails, photo streams, videos, newsletters, press releases, advertisements, podcasts and whatever you can imagine.

And why do you need content marketing?

Everything is about the content. As everybody says “Content is king”.

That’s true.

Every part of digital marketing (and traditional marketing too) is all about content.

Without useful and appealing content you will not be ranked high in Google and other search engines, you will suffer lack of visitors, the rare visitors on your website will not “convert” (undertake the desired from you action), you will not sell.

The people searching over the Internet for information, for services or for buying goods are self-driven and make a lot of research before they decide which offer is the best.

Offering appealing, engaging, useful and complete information and building positive user experience is what will drive you to success in your efforts.





How can we help you with your content marketing?

  • We will research your environment: in-depth research of your industry, your unique audience and trending topics
  • We will discuss with you and clarify your mission statement and marketing goals
  • We will implement content audit of your website and already published content across Internet if an
  • We will prepare content marketing strategy according to your marketing goals
  • We will prepare detailed content marketing plan according to chosen content forms and distribution channels defined in the strategy
  • We will create quality, relevant and useful content designed uniquely for your specific audience and social media distribution channel chosen
  • We will distribute and promote your content across all forms of web channels
  • We will continuously measure and optimize the content performance



Some of supported by us services:

  • Blogging
  • Website Content
  • Video Content
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Content
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies